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New to court reporting? Or upgrading from an old legacy system? Or maybe you are close to retirement? Our subscription product offers full-featured software for the best overall value in the market, and you can rest assured it will work on the newest computers. There are no long term commitments or big upfront payments required to start earning with StenoCAT! Our subscription is based on the simple belief that if you like our software and our services, you will renew.

From easy pay plans for first year student upgrades to flexible renewal options, we have options that will make your life a little easier. Our regular subscribers receive the most price competitive package, but we have other options, too. Just ask.

We welcome new users with a great startup package that includes worry free dictionary conversion, help with setting up a new computer, user preferences, templates, macros, and personal customer care to get your computer tuned for the best software experience. In a matter of days you can be confidently producing transcripts with ease! You can continue your training with our online webinars, video training lessons, or attending user conferences.

I have been using StenoCAT for approximately 20 years. It’s by far the least expensive CAT software product, and yet it provides the same options and services for court reporters to perform their job as other software that costs thousands of dollars more both for the product and support.

Therese C., Texas


Reporter - 1 year $724/yr
Startup Fee $499

Order Now: 1 Year

Software Features

Secure PDF with Bookmarks

Deliver full text searchable PDF transcripts with bookmarks and digital signatures. Includes many options to secure the PDF and meet electronic filing requirements.

Meets requirements of states' modernized Rules of Court

Automatic File Backup

Set any backup location of your choosing (cloud based service, external hard drive, usb flash) in your User Preferences. StenoCAT will automatically update your transcript and audio in both locations.

CART Screen

Provide CART to your clients utilizing StenoCAT. Use CART Screen with TrialBook® to stream your feed to individual readers, locally or remotely.

Instant Refresh

Compatible with all industry recognized realtime browsers. Automatically refresh your viewer screens with your edit changes.

InSync® Audio

Edit transcripts faster and more accurately. Record audio in mp3 format from your computer microphone, or import jobs – with audio – from new generation writers. Automatically scroll playback cursor with the transcript. Allows for listening of both WAV and mp3 audio formats. Insert File function includes InSync Audio and allows reporter to split and merge audio files. Synchronize Audio function fixes mis-aligned text and audio.

Smart BriefsTM

Steno briefs are suggested to you automatically based on your own steno theory, during realtime or in editing mode. Briefs can also be viewed in steno or phonetics!

Smart KeysTM

Intuitive and superbly efficient. Edit transcripts with fewer keystrokes. Record macros to customize your keys, or use a predefined key set.

Output to Mobile Devices

Broadcast your realtime session to unlimited viewers using tablets, smartphones, and other computers – all wirelessly. (requires additional subscription)

Seating Chart

Track the name and location of speakers easily and efficiently with electronic name tags. Save the seating chart for future reference.

Multiple Outputs

Broadcast your realtime session using a variety of methods – WiFi, Internet, serial cable, ethernet, or Bluetooth – all at the same time.


StenoCAT is designed for Windows and works equally well with new writers – Luminex, Impression, Mira, Fusion, Diamante, Passport, Stylus, and Gemini – as well as legacy writers. Windows 7 OS is no longer supported.

Address Book

Save and retrieve contact info to your StenoCAT address book. Auto-insert into the transcript, or save new contacts on the fly.

Larger Fonts

Give your eyes a rest with larger fonts in frequently used dialogs. Write and edit more comfortably using custom text zoom ratios.

Save time, save keystrokes, search faster. Perform an Internet search directly from within the StenoCAT Editor.

Internet Streaming

Reach any viewer, anywhere. Broadcast your realtime session to unlimited remote viewers over the Internet. (requires additional subscription)

Wireless Ready

Use wireless technology – from writer to computer & output from computer to viewer devices.

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System Recommendations

You’re a professional having to compete and excel in a high-pressure work environment. Do yourself a favor and get a good computer system to have the best foundation. Practice good computer hygiene by keeping your computer up to date with the latest windows software updates. To have a good experience, we recommend having at least the following system setup:

Please Note

These are basic recommendations for the StenoCAT software. StenoCAT can run on many different system configurations. For questions about compatibility with your particular system, please contact our Sales Department. 800-909-9199

[email protected]

Windows Operating System

Windows 10 or 11. Even if you have the latest Windows Operating System by Microsoft® , be sure to keep your OS updated with the latest patches. It’s the best protection you can buy against viruses, hacks, and other undesirables, and keeping current also supports use of our latest features. If you are using an OS that Microsoft no longer supports (such as Windows 7), we won’t be able to support it either. Virtualized Windows are not supported in StenoCAT32 Versions 8 and above.


The better processors are Intel® Core i3, i5, i7, or the AMD™ equivalent.


At least 128 GB on your workstation. A computer with an SSD (solid state drive) is highly recommended for improved performance. Add an external hard drive for backups. Look into cloud storage solutions as well if you need mobility.

Memory / RAM

We recommend a minimum of 8 GB.

USB Ports

We recommend a minimum of two available ports: One for your USB to Serial Adapter (if applicable), and one for an external microphone. If your computer has only one USB port, then you must add an optional USB Hub to supply the additional ports. Many computers today do not come equipped with USB ports. (StenoCAT runs on a virtual key system and therefore a USB port is not required to activate your license).

Internet Access

An email account with a high-speed internet connection is required to manage your software license, update your accounts, and send/receive audio files. Use only modern-day browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or IE 11 or higher. Stop using the old web browsers – they have weak security. If you do banking or shop online, use only bank approved browsers. This is important protection for your personal data and for any data subject to HIPAA.


If your computer does not have a built-in microphone, you may need an external microphone to use InSync® during realtime.

Optional Extras

  • USB flash drives for temporary storage or transferring of files.
  • USB hub converts one USB port into multiple USB ports.
  • External hard drives for data backup.
  • Cloud storage solutions.
  • External microphone.


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How are my software & license kept secure?

Virtual Key Activation

Our secure server will issue your computer(s) a unique Virtual Key software ID to help us protect against the distribution or unauthorized use of software by any party other than the licensed registered user. Your software will work only when our server recognizes your computer as registered and your license as valid.

Customers using software from version 7.5 and before.

What are the additional options available in a StenoCAT Subscription?

Basic Subscription – Our unique subscription "basic" plan option offers you full-featured CAT software, unlimited technical support, software updates, and online webinars for the duration of the subscription term. There is a one-time nonrefundable startup fee to start a new subscription. From that point on, you pay only the subscription rate (unless you let your subscription lapse). A subscription gives you the most flexibility for keeping your software and skills up to date with the latest software features.

With a new active Reporter subscription, you get a single-user license to the full Reporter version for a twelve month term. Every new Reporter license includes a free dictionary conversion, startup training, and a secured virtual key. No long term contract is required.

After the first year, you may renew your subscription at the various intervals offered during your online renewal. When your license subscription expires, your rights to use the software are also expired. A lapse fee may be required to reinstate a recently expired license.

Subscription Options:

Streaming: At any time during the subscription term, Reporters may add basic (wi-fi) streaming or internet (remote) streaming. A separate Trialbook license will be added to your account for your individual use. If you wish to add this option when you first purchase your license, please select the Power Reporter package, which will consolidate your license into one easy subscription.

Additional Activations: If you are using Version 8.0 you have the option to add multiple activations. If your regular work environment requires that you move between computers several times a day, we recommend that you add an additional activation. This option may be added at the time of sale, or at any time when you exceed the basic usage. With this option, you are free to switch between activated computers.

This offers ease and convenience but does not grant license for concurrent usage or multiple users (such as your scopist). If one computer is idle, you may switch to the other computer with this option. The reporter basic version does not offer this convenience.

How do I renew my subscription?

Please use our Auto Pay feature to ensure continuous renewal without interruption. For the highest level of security, we use PayPal for storing your recrurring transaction information. Rest assured you can easily cancel your auto pay instructions with a simple login transaction. We don't hold you up in endless automated voicemail routines or mazes to try to trick you into anything!!! Please review our Terms and Conditions to read more about this service.

If you decline automatic renewal, you may renew at any time by visiting the My Account page on our website. Click Renew next to your license and the store renewal page will present the various renewal interval options available to you. The new expiration date is calculated by adding the renewal term to the original expiration date. For instance, if you renew for one year, a total of 365 days will be added to your expiration date.

You may also renew by following the prompts through your software!

Lapsed subscriptions are subject to a reinstatement fee. Please contact Sales if you need further assistance. Lapsed licenses will be subject to a new expiration date at the time of reinstatement.

How do I switch my StenoCAT to a different computer?

To deactivate StenoCAT, open your Editor and go to "Help/Deactivate StenoCAT.*" Follow the prompts until you receive the confirmation that StenoCAT has been deactivated. Then you may open StenoCAT on a different computer and activate.

Does StenoCAT provide an audio synchronization feature?

Yes, our MP3 audio feature is known as InSync and is included with every Reporter version. Explore our Software Features for more information.

What kind of computer do I need in order to use StenoCAT?

Please see our System Recommendations section for detailed information. Virtualized Windows are not supported. StenoCAT is designed and tested for Windows based computers.

Please note that the Windows 7 Operating System does not support many of the features in StenoCAT Version 8. We no longer support use of this OS.

Can I still use my steno dictionary?

Over the years we discovered that most translation issues can be traced back to a dictionary that simply needed some clean-up. So what we do is review your dictionary and provide conversion and clean up to optimize your experience on your new software.

Our technical support staff has plenty of experience helping our customers convert dictionaries over to the StenoCAT system, whether they are migrating from an older StenoCAT version or from another software maker.

If your dictionary needs additional outside help, we can also recommend resources that have worked well for other customers in the past.

Is StenoCAT compatible with my writer?

StenoCAT is compatible with all writers with a USB or serial port interface. All new writers and most older writers are compatible with StenoCAT.

Note: There are a few older writers that are not compatible with currently-supported Windows OS. Such writers are Baron, StenoWriter, Merit Writer, or other similar old writers that use non-DOS-formatted diskettes.

To verify whether your writer is compatible with the operating system you are planning to use, please contact our Sales Department for more information.

800-909-9199 Sales Dept

How do I get support?

You can login to your StenoCAT account on our website, click on Help Center, and enter your question and callback information as a "Callback Request". This ticket is automatically linked to your license and immediately placed in the support callback queue. It is by far the fastest way to ensure you are next in line for a callback. Please be sure to write a brief description of your question or problem.

You can also call the toll-free support line 800-999-9199. Our support team answers calls live from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time between Monday and Friday. If a member is not available to take your call live, then you will have the opportunity to leave a voicemail. Please leave your license number, full name as registered on your license, a callback number, and a brief summary of the reason for your call. Voicemails are answered in the order they are received; however we prefer that you use our electronic callback request for more efficient response.

If you need a question answered over the weekend, visit the Help Center and begin by searching keywords for the question you have. You may also post on our Message Board where our customers exchange useful information with each other. The Message Board is monitored by our technical staff during normal working hours.

Every license with an active support contract also has access to a knowledge base to search the answers to the most common questions.

Can I buy StenoCAT Reporter outright?

The latest versions of StenoCAT are only available by subscription.

We are here to help you

Explore your options in the Help Center.
Not finding the answer to your question? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

800-909-9199 Sales Dept