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Thinking of Court Reporting?
Have you got what it takes to do steno? Maybe its time to test your aptitude! If you think you might be a good candidate, this app will help you decide. You will be able to learn the basics of the steno alphabet, numbers, and short words.

iStenoPad is the perfect way to practice steno without having to actually spend money on a writer.

Court Reporting Students!
Do you need to practice steno on the go? Then our iStenoPad is perfect for you!

iStenoPad comes ready with a set of default dictionaries, or you may import your own existing dictionary. It can be used with or without English translation, displaying your notes in steno only.

Students love the strokes-per-minute Writing Speed Display which helps to improve their realtime writing skills.

Have a speed-writing test coming up? Use iStenoPad to practice on the bus, at the park, or even on your couch at home.

There's no need to always carry your heavy steno writer with you. Install the iStenoPad app on your iPad, load your dictionary of choice, and you're set.

Reporters! Need to practice your briefs while on the go? Now you can easily do this on your iPad.

This is a TRUE game changer for NCRA! In our A-Z program, we are teaching participants the keyboard and one syllable words. The only thing that's been holding us back has been the shortage of writers. Thanks to Gigatron, we've just solved that problem and are ready to start making an impact on growing future reporters and captioners nationwide. I truly have come to believe the A-Z program is the closest thing to a silver bullet we are going to find in turning around our reporter/captioner shortage issues, but the roll out of the program to all 50 states is key and this app just solved that problem!

Max Curry, B.C.R., RPR, LCR, CRI, CCR - NCRA Pres-Elect (Feb 13, 2019)


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Software Features

App Features

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Full-size Steno Keyboard

Enjoy a standard size, detailed, and customizable Steno Keyboard on your iPad screen.

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Instant Realtime Translation

See your steno strokes translated instantly in Realtime on the iPad screen. iStenoPad displays both your steno notes and the English translation, side by side.

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Writing Speed Display

Time your strokes-per-minute writing speed and display it on the screen. This feature is an essential tool for improving your Realtime speed and reaching your goal.

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Import Dictionary

Use your own steno dictionary or any other translation dictionary available to you (e.g.: legal, medical, etc).

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Email & Save Notes

Send your English-translated transcript in an email. Save your transcript with steno notes directly in the app.

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Customize Keys & Background

Set the screen text to a size that displays best to you. Choose from a selection of backgrounds and steno key styles.

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