version 7.5 & before
Important Information

Why was the hardware security key needed?

Important information about hardware keys

Hardware keys help us protect the distribution or use of software by any party other than the licensed registered user. Your software will work only when the hardware key is connected to a USB port on your computer.

Review your license agreement for complete information on license restrictions of the hardware key.

How do I qualify for a second key?

If you have an active StenoCAT Reporter Subscription on Version 7.5, you may have had the exclusive option to add a second key during your subscription renewal period, subject to license restrictions. The two keys may not be used concurrently. The keys are restricted to the reporter's own use and may not be provided to another party. The second key is only valid for the version family for which it was purchased (i.e. StenoCAT32 subscription). The key has a limited life of five years.

Regarding older keys from previous versions: If you currently use a second key with your Version 7.5 reporter subscription, you will be offered the option at each renewal period to renew it along with your subscription term, for the listed price. You will continue to be able to renew your second key so long as you keep your license current. StenoCAT maintains this grandfathered policy for any customers who keep their license current without lapse. Any licenses which are expired will not have rights to any grandfathered policies.

Note: The home key is no longer available for sale. If you need additional installations, contact Sales to move to our keyless subscription model.

How do I replace a lost or stolen hardware key?

A new license will be required to continue using the licensed product. Please notify us immediately if you discover a loss or theft. Also contact your insurance company to see if your loss is covered. Your replacement cost will be the full cost of a new license, with any sales discounts that may be available at any given time.

You will be offered virtual key replacement. After you download the latest software available, you will be able to activate your new virtual key. There is no need for insurance on your software once you switch to keyless activation since there is no hardware key. If your computer is lost or stolen, you can easily deactivate that computer in your "My Account" settings. Then simply re-activate your license on a new computer.

Contact Sales for more information on a new license.

How do I replace a defective hardware key? (for Customers on Version 7.5 or older)

If your key should become defective, you will be offered the option to go to keyless security.

You will also need to return the defective key according to the terms requested by our company. If you do not return the defective key, it will be considered to be a "key in use" and StenoCAT will invoice you for the full price of a second license, depending on the terms of your license and your specific profile. If your account remains in collection, your license will be ineligible for further support, renewal or updates.

Sales Dept

Can I get an extra Key for my Scopist to use?

Yes, but it is not a key on your license, as the reporter license is restricted to a single user for updates and support. A separate license would be established for your Scopist. Once identified as the licensed user, your Scopist will be able to receive support and updates for the software.